December 8, 2018 Vimeo is an online organization that allows users to create accounts for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos. NEWPORT BEACH, CA — At 5:45 a.m. on November 23, Church United Founder and Pastor Jim Domen received an email from Vimeo stating that Church United had 24 hours to download all of its videos before the account would be permanently closed. Black … Read More

NY NBC’s Left Field Includes Church United

November 19, 2018 As we prepare for our national observance of Thanksgiving this week, Church United has much to celebrate this month, including a productive mission to Taiwan in which we were able to help lay the groundwork to stop the expansion of same-sex marriage and the homosexual agenda into its public schools. I’ll share more about our trip in … Read More

Spiritual Realm Shake-up: Pacific Rim

December 11, 2018 Taiwanese Christians are celebrating an early Christmas gift, because as voters they have overwhelmingly passed a referendum maintaining the country’s support of man/woman marriage. It’s a miracle because the Church in Taiwan came together to attempt the impossible as they only represent 5 percent of the population in a country with 23 million people. It was a … Read More

AB 2943 Withdrawn: Thank You Assemblyman Evan Low!

Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) decided not to send his bill AB 2943 to the Assembly. His statement is below: “Authoring Assembly Bill 2943 is one of the most personal decisions I have made since taking office. As an elected official, I made decisions that discriminated against my very existence in order to support the broader community I represented. I officiated … Read More

Op-ed: AB 2943 Awakened a Compassionate Giant

AB 2943 Awakened a Compassionate Giant By Pastor Jim Domen Last month I walked up to Assemblyman Evan Low, D-San Jose, and introduced myself as Pastor Jim Domen, a former homosexual who was transformed and now lives a life of heterosexuality. We both smiled and he said, “You’re about to see democracy in action.” We were standing in the front … Read More

A Move’s Afoot in California

Acts 2 is a stunning account of the early church and the Lord’s protective hands over its foundation-building. It’s majestic in its miracles, magnetic in its ministry, and massive in its movement. The Spirit of God was clearly at work in the lives of the disciples. Its fingerprints are still evident. Today, the Spirit of God continues to move across … Read More

2017 Measurable Impacts

2017 Measurable Impacts Accountability to Shareholders – You, the Donors Measurables: What are they? What is the impact Church United has had on California’s cities, counties, and federal government in one year? Church United is a non-profit, but as an entrepreneur, I feel that this calling and vision to change California for Christ is a business venture with great spiritual … Read More

Sale of Baby Body Parts Stopped

Sale of Baby Body Parts Stopped In the past few days, media outlets began reporting that the Orange County District Attorney agreed to a $7.8 million settlement and all DV Biologics and DaVinci Biosciences (who were selling aborted babies) must cease all operations in California! Read the Orange County Register’s, who broke the news, article here, or the Los Angeles … Read More

California is Ripe for Harvest! (Septemer 2017)

Septemer 2017 California is ripe for harvest! One of the true blessings of my work through Church United is getting to meet so many fascinating people who love Jesus and long for a society that reflects His heart for humanity. Such was the case recently when I had the privilege of sharing our message during four worship services over a … Read More