2017 Measurable Impacts

2017 Measurable Impacts

Accountability to Shareholders – You, the Donors

Measurables: What are they? What is the impact Church United has had on California’s cities, counties, and federal government in one year? Church United is a non-profit, but as an entrepreneur, I feel that this calling and vision to change California for Christ is a business venture with great spiritual stewardship while using a discipleship model to maximize shareholders’ wealth. This is a business term I learned while pursing my undergraduate degree in International Business and Economics at George Fox University.

California pastors were disrupted during the Church United Awakening Tours in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. as well as during the 10 Regional Briefings across California in 2017. As you review the following list of accomplishments, keep in mind that ‘relationship’ is the key (the secret sauce, as my good friend John Lind articulates) to the success Church United has experienced throughout its first year. Seven years of building relationships with California pastors has begun to provide a harvest greater than myself and Church United, and all at a God-sized level. Here are the measurables:

• The Church United California pastoral network has grown from 200 to over 500, and Church United has maintained personal relationships with these pastors.
o Church United is not a program or other event, but a personal connected relationship as pastors build similar types of relationships with elected officials.

• Church United has established an unprecedented reputation of excellence and experience not available anywhere else in the country.
• Convening power coupled with likeability.

Orange County
• Aborted babies and their parts were stopped from being sold because the Orange County District Attorney filed a $1.2 million dollar lawsuit to stop the practice in Yorba Linda. October 2016
• The Orange County District Attorney settled the case above for $7.8 million, and both procurement companies were forced to close their businesses in California. December 2017
• Clergy (Catholics and Evangelicals) attended Orange County Board of Education meeting and the board is holding their ground against a lawsuit from Freedom from Religion to remove invocations prior to board meeting and remove ‘In God We Trust’ from the boardroom.
• Assemblyman led to Christ by Pastor Jim Domen after their ongoing five-year relationship.

Los Angeles County
• East Los Angeles pastors representing 100 Spanish-speaking churches. Church United has been invited twice to speak with and build relationships with these pastors and their congregations. July & August 2017
• Lancaster pastor wasn’t able to meet with House of Representative while in D.C., but a meeting was arranged and they will continue to meet while he’s in the district and attending city council meetings.

Central Valley
• Pastor Jim Franklin (Pastor of Regional Influence in Central Valley), placed ‘In God We Trust’ in Fresno City Council boardroom. June 2017
• Two first-time Church United pastors (Eli Lorea & Jymme Foote) joined Pastor Jim Franklin and recruited 20 other pastors to ban pot from being sold in the city of Fresno after attending the Washington, D.C. Awakening Tour. July 2017
• Pastor Eli Loera raised funding to host a Church United Regional Briefing with pastor cluster leaders representing hundreds of churches from Bakersfield to Northern California. July 2017

Riverside County
• Temecula Pastor Bob Branch began voter forums, the Cultural Impact Team, and is now preaching on the topics of civic engagement to his congregation after the D.C. Awakening Tour. June 2017
• Murrieta Pastor Chad Lacomb is now attending city council meetings and engaging with his congregation. June 2017
• Multiple churches in Southwest Riverside are meeting and working together because of the D.C. Awakening Tour 2017 and Cultural Impact Team training. September 2017

Sonoma & Butte Counties
• Petaluma: City-wide church pastor and liaison Cultural Impact Team training. August 2017
• Petaluma & Oroville Pastors: Driving weekly to meet and strategize with California State Senator Mike Morrell to combat godless legislation. June 2017 – Ongoing
• Oroville: Organized 20 pastors representing over 20 churches to run pastors or godly individuals for city, school, water, college, and other government offices. June 2017
• Oroville: Met with State Assembly, Senator, and U.S. House of Representative, and continue to do so on an ongoing basis. June 2017 – Ongoing

So, this is only year one! Are you sensing the pastoral awaking in California? The measurable impact? Your giving and prayers are the catalysts for Church United’s measurable impact success and if you continue to support Church United, I am confident God will move even more mightily in 2018. Are you with me? If you’re in (if and only if), please consider a one-time gift to help us reach the $100,000 match by December 31, 2017 – and please pray about contributing monthly via reoccurring monthly donations at www.ChurchUnited.com/DONATE.

Church United gives away the majority of our funding to California pastors. This model of stewardship maximizes your giving and return on investment. Church United only has one full-time staff person (with salary and health insurance) with a part-time (5-10 hours per week) employee. There are no office or building expenditures (thanks to a Church United donor). Most of our communication methods are digital, or the premier method of messaging – word of mouth!

It’s a privilege to serve you, the pastors of California, and the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, as I feel blessed to embark on this great adventure transforming California for Christ through civic engagement.

We pray you have a Merry Christmas and a Christ-centered 2018!