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8 Californian residents are frauds? View the video below to hear former homosexuals, former lesbians and those who deal with same sex attraction share their stories of hope in this condensed video of their life experiences. California Assembly Bill 2943 (Low-D) would make any monetary exchange for literature, counseling, pastoral counseling, sexual purity conferences, or any other method, to help those with unwanted same sex attraction an illegal business practice. Assemblyman Evan Low’s bill calls these attempts fraudulent and deceptive.

Letter to California Governor & 40 California Senators

Attorneys for Advocates for Faith and Freedom and Tyler & Bursch have drafted a letter in English and Spanish, regarding Assembly Bill 2943 asking Californians to sign the letter and hand-deliver it to their California Senators’ district office. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Pastor Jack Hibbs, Millennial Seminary Student Neal Hardin, Desert Stream Ministries (A California founded ministry helping individuals who want freedom from the LGBT lifestyle or dealing with same sex attraction), and Pastor Jim Domen, and Church United, are all committed and willing to file suit if AB 2943 is passed. Please read the letter being sent to the Governor and each of the 40 California Senators. If you agree with us, please print, sign, and deliver to your senator’s district office.

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AB 2943 Letter in Spanish | AB 2943 carta en español

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AB 2943 in the Media

June 12, 1:30 p.m. Sacramento

California State Capitol
Senate Judiciary Committee Room: 2187

Please contact Desaré Ferraro at (714) 348-0808 or desare@churchunited.com for more details.

June 11, Sacramento

California State Capitol

Formers delivering Changed published book to all 40 California Senators and Governor Brown containing their stories of change from homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and gender confusion.

Please contact Desaré Ferraro at (714) 348-0808 or desare@churchunited.com for more details.

June 8, 6:00 p.m. Press Conference

House of Light Church
19408 Londelius St.
Northridge, CA 91324


State Senator Henry Stern’s refusal to meet with 200 of his Latino pastor constituents to discuss his upcoming vote on Assembly Bill 2943 has compelled Church United and Tyler & Bursch, LLP to take action.

NORTHRIDGE, CA, June 8 — Church United and Tyler & Bursch, LLP will hold a press conference on Friday at 6:00 p.m. at the Houses of Light Church in Northridge regarding State Senator Henry Stern’s (D-Canoga Park) refusal to meet with his constituents to discuss his upcoming vote on Assembly Bill (AB) 2943.

Despite multiple attempts to schedule a meeting with Senator Stern, 200 Latino and 20 non-Latino pastor constituents and 400-500 of their congregants were repeatedly denied. They were told the Senator would not be available to meet with them, despite being scheduled to be in his District on these dates.

His constituents requested to schedule a meeting to discuss how Senator Stern would vote on AB 2943 – specifically regarding the bill’s implications for churches and pastors. The bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee in Sacramento on June 12. Senator Stern is one of the seven members on the committee.

Assembly Bill 2943 is a proposed law that promotes viewpoint discrimination by banning pastors, churches, and retail outlets from charging for any product or service that encourages an individual to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender-identity confusion. If passed, the ability to provide biblical counseling, host purity conferences, or sell materials (including Bibles) to support overcoming these issues would become illegal. As an alternative, individuals would have the option to receive counseling that encourages the “exploration and development” of attraction towards individuals of the same sex.

Plainly put, AB 2943 (Evan Low-D, LGBT Caucus) violates free speech and promotes bias and viewpoint discrimination – which prohibits our liberties as declared in California’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Scheduled Speakers:
1) Pastor Netz Gomez: Senior pastor of the Houses of Light Church in Northridge, the most listened to Spanish language pastor in the United States (with Catholic and Evangelical audiences), and Host of Radio Nueva Vida
2) Rob McCoy: Mayor Pro-Tem and Senior Pastor at Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks
3) Pastor Jim Domen, M. Div.: Former homosexual and Founder of Church United
4) Kris Olsen: LPGA & Golf Pro and Former lesbian, Founder Coming Out Again
5) Nada Higuera: Attorney, Tyler and Bursch

All speakers and other pastors will be available for interviews after the press conference.

Church United will also be registering voters on site – to reinforce and uphold the values of individuals’ personal choice and freedom of speech, expression, and thought – as California Senate and Assembly Members refuse to listen to their constituents regarding AB 2943.

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming press conference, Church United, or Tyler & Bursch, LLP, please contact Desaré Ferraro at (714) 348-0808 or desare@churchunited.com. You can also visit www.churchunited.com.

Houses of Light Church: 19408 Londelius St., Northridge, CA 91324

May 29, 11:00 a.m. Press Conference

     Ronald Reagan Federal Building
     411 W 4th St
     Santa Ana, CA 92701

Florida Pulse Nightclub Survivor and 10 Formers (Homosexuals, Lesbians & Same Sex Attracted), Outraged over Proposed Ban of Sexual Freedom Will Speak.

Black, brown, and white pastors representing over 700 California Church United Evangelical Pastors traveling from Alameda, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties, will also speak regarding the upcoming State Senate hearing on California Assembly Bill 2943, the proposed law that would prohibit speech and deny the right to choose.

The California Evangelical pastors of Church United will introduce to the public over 25 compelling men and women of varying ethnicities who are former homosexuals, former lesbians and same-sex attracted and who have benefited by the very services AB 2943 intends to ban.

This bill’s hostility toward consenting adults who have chosen to live a life in accordance with their faith and identity as a Christian will prohibit them from purchasing supportive books or from obtaining supportive counseling. However, in contrast, they would be able to receive counseling that offers encouragement towards “exploration and development” of attraction toward individuals of the same sex.

Plainly put, Assembly Bill 2943 (Evan Low, D-San Jose, LGBT Caucus) violates free speech and promotes viewpoint discrimination.

Speakers In Order of Appearance
1. Rochelle Conner, President, Frederick Douglass Foundation, San Francisco
2. Attorney Bob Tyler, Tyler & Bursch, Orange & Riverside Counties
3. Mayor Bill Wells and Licensed California doctor in Psychology and Psychiatry, El Cajon
4. Orange County Catholic Diocese Statement
5. Luis Javier Ruiz Acevedo, Pulse Nightclub Survivor and Former Homosexual, Florida
6. Andrew Comiskey, Former Homosexual, Founder, Desert Stream Ministries, California
7. Brian Barlow, Former Homosexual, Living Waters, Los Angeles
8. Neal Hardin, Engineer, Same Sex Attraction, Riverside
9. Pastor Jose Benitez, Former Homosexual, Los Angeles
10. Denise Shick, Founder, Help 4 Families Ministry
11. Pastor David Hwang, Former Homosexual, Forerunner Chinese Christian Church, Fremont
12. Kris Olsen, Former Lesbian, LPGA & Golf Pro, Coming Out Again, Costa Mesa
13. Ken Williams, Former Homosexual, Co-founder, Equipped to Love, Redding
14. Elizabeth Woning, Former Lesbian, Co-founder, Equipped to Love, Redding
15. Pastor Jim Domen, Former Homosexual, Church United, California

16. Pastor Netz Gomez, House of Light, Pastor and host of Nueva Vida (the most listened to radio host for Spanish speaking Evangelical and Catholic audiences), Northridge
17. Bishop Ed Smith, Zoe Christian Fellowship, Whitter
18. Attorney, Esther Valdes, Immigration, San Diego
19. Pastor Pablo Beltrans, Representing over 150 Spanish Speaking Pastors in SD County, San Diego
20. Pastor Gheorghe Rosca, On behalf of Romanian community in the United States, Orange County

AB 2943 Press Conference Speakers
My prayer is that the love of Christ would shine through all of us!!

“They overcame him by the power of the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11

News Agencies Who Reported the Church Untied Press Conference

Lifesite News

OC Register

KCAL – 9 Los Angeles
A pastor texted he saw us on KCAL but the network did not post a link on their website

May 8, 12:00 p.m. Press Conference

1209 L St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Watch the May 8, 2018, Press Conference