Pastors, Attorney Help Parents “Protect Our Kids”

Movement grows in response to extreme revisions to state’s sex ed code “People do not know what’s being taught to our children in schools.”           – Pastor Maury Evans, Calvary Chapel East Anaheim Next POK Conference: Santa Barbara, August 10, 6-9 p.m. Since our founding in 2016, Church United has helped to mobilize pastors to speak on a variety … Read More


Social Media Platform Refuses to Restore Church United Account FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Desare Ferraro, June 27, 2019 Attorneys for Church United, a national religious nonprofit that helps pastors and churches respond to cultural issues, have filed a complaint on behalf of the California-based organization and its founder, the Rev. Jim Domen, against the online social media platform Vimeo. … Read More

Latino Youth Pastor in California Shares Abortion Survivor Story

“It’s shoved down my throat that everybody who’s a minority is against conservative values — and that only white people are in favor of these values. It was nice to see that wasn’t the case.” Light-bulb moments that transforms belief into action Nora Garcia was seated in a doctor’s exam room in Mexico. She had been under treatment for cysts, … Read More

California Would Provide Students Free Abortions

SB 24: Chemical abortions at all public CA universities California’s 33 public universities could soon be offering new on-campus benefits for its students: free chemical abortions. That means that on any given day, a student could attend a couple of classes, grab some lunch, download reading assignments at the campus library and start the process of terminating her unborn baby … Read More

A Pastor’s Personal Response to Assemblyman Low’s Resolution

The [not so] subtle discrimination I recall the humiliation of walking into a women’s bathroom as all eyes turned to look at me in my butch attire. Would they ask me to leave? Those painful memories make me resonate with the demand for respect that the California Assembly is acknowledging in ACR-99, the state’s formal resolution condemning “conversion” therapy. In … Read More

Two Bethel Pastors Testify Change-allowing Therapy

Newly proposed resolution (ACR-99, Low-Cupertino) elevates LGBTQ community over others California Assemblyman Evan Low (D- Cupertino), the author behind last year’s unsuccessful AB 2943, is trying a different tactic in his quest to undermine choice for men and women wishing to leave behind the LGBT lifestyle.  California Pastor Ken Williams and Pastor Elizabeth Woning, a Former homosexual and Former lesbian, … Read More

Emanuel, The Movie of the Charleston Church Shooting: 2 Days Only

Next Monday, June 17 and next Wednesday, June 19 will be your only two opportunities to experience the poignant documentary EMANUEL in a movie theater. Revealing the incredible stories of the victims and the survivors of the Charleston church shooting, EMANUEL will amaze you with its powerful depiction of grace and forgiveness. Click Here to order your tickets now.

Hispanic Pastor Protects Against Bully

Church Defended & Pot Pushers Stopped Earlier this year, Church United profiled the case of a San Diego church that had been targeted by a marijuana production facility trying to use zoning ordinances to bully the congregation out of its location in order to establish a large growing operation in a nearby warehouse. Church United is happy to report that Vision … Read More

Immigration Attorney Keeps Kid

San Diego’s Esther Valdés, Esq., Shares of $400 Abortion “Real solutions like funding child care, providing safer neighborhoods, improving our local schools and providing jobs for women are long-lasting, sustainable solutions, that ensure that the economy of California will continue to thrive for generations to come.” Twenty-two years ago, I was Planned Parenthood’s target client: I was a 23-year old, … Read More

Legislation Elevates LGBTQ Behavior Above Religious Rights

H.R. 5: Equality Act Passed House of Representatives Friday (05/1719) Nearly one year after Church United Pastors and our biblically minded partners successfully halted an attempt in California to undermine the religious freedoms of churches, non-profit ministries, and Christian universities through AB 2943, a similar battle now looms in the nation’s Capitol. At stake is the so-called “Equality Act,” federal … Read More