Trump First President to Convene U.N. Meeting on Persecution

Announces Two Initiatives to Fight Worldwide Problem  “11 Christians a day are killed for following the teachings of Christ!” – President Donald Trump, United Nations, New York September 26, 2019 President Donald Trump, in an historic speech before the United Nations on Monday, September 23, 2019, announced two new initiatives to promote religious freedom. Trump’s speech in New York City marks … Read More

“The Bible Stays!”

— V.P. Mike Pence, Indianapolis, Indiana V.P. Pence: Trump Administration Protects Religious Freedoms in Federal Government, and California’s Attorney General Files Lawsuits Against “Conscience” Rule Vice President Mike Pence—in an Aug. 28, 2019, speech before seasoned war vets—touted a “new American strength,” specifically citing the Trump Administration’s record on freedom, increased military spending, improved operations in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and development … Read More

Three pastors. Two ends of the state. One common bond.

“What I’m excited about with Church United is that we just don’t see too many organized groups of pastors who are willing to engage in civics and be united across denominational lines and across ethnic lines. I see that happening in Church United.”  — Pastor Elizabeth Woning, Bethel Church’s Equipped to Love September 12, 2019 Part 1 of 2  CHANGED: Pastors network … Read More

Latino Millennial, a Megachurch Pastor, Awakened to Need for Churches to Speak

August 26, 2019 Influenced by Church United, a young pastor leads his congregation in healthy ways to speak truth “We’ve got to do better as pastors at influencing our local government.” — Lead Pastor Adam Mesa,Abundant Family Living Church, Rancho Cucamonga Topics Discussed Below: Taking the Awakening Tour Leaving the Non-Engagement Model It Was Time to Act ‘Hot Topics’ and Sharing Resources … Read More

Pastors, Attorney Help Parents “Protect Our Kids”

August 8, 2019 Movement grows in response to extreme revisions to state’s sex ed code “People do not know what’s being taught to our children in schools.”           – Pastor Maury Evans, Calvary Chapel East Anaheim Next POK Conference: Santa Barbara, August 10, 6-9 p.m. Since our founding in 2016, Church United has helped to mobilize pastors to speak … Read More

Complaint Against Vimeo Alleges Censorship, Sexual Orientation & Religious Discrimination

Social Media Platform Refuses to Restore Church United Account FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Desare Ferraro, June 27, 2019 Attorneys for Church United, a national religious nonprofit that helps pastors and churches respond to cultural issues, have filed a complaint on behalf of the California-based organization and its founder, the Rev. Jim Domen, against the online social media platform Vimeo. … Read More

Latino Youth Pastor in California Shares Abortion Survivor Story

“It’s shoved down my throat that everybody who’s a minority is against conservative values — and that only white people are in favor of these values. It was nice to see that wasn’t the case.” Light-bulb moments that transforms belief into action Nora Garcia was seated in a doctor’s exam room in Mexico. She had been under treatment for cysts, … Read More

California Would Provide Students Free Abortions

SB 24: Chemical abortions at all public CA universities California’s 33 public universities could soon be offering new on-campus benefits for its students: free chemical abortions. That means that on any given day, a student could attend a couple of classes, grab some lunch, download reading assignments at the campus library and start the process of terminating her unborn baby … Read More

A Pastor’s Personal Response to Assemblyman Low’s Resolution

The [not so] subtle discrimination I recall the humiliation of walking into a women’s bathroom as all eyes turned to look at me in my butch attire. Would they ask me to leave? Those painful memories make me resonate with the demand for respect that the California Assembly is acknowledging in ACR-99, the state’s formal resolution condemning “conversion” therapy. In … Read More