Church United Pastors on CNN & FOX National News

Pastor Scott Thomson and Attorney Nada Higuera with Tyler & Bursch and Advocates for Faith & Freedom interviewed with CNN about their lawsuit challenging California Governor Newsom’s ban on singing in churches. July 17, 2020

Church United Senior Pastor Scott Thomson, River of Life Church, Oroville, California, joined our legal team, Tyler and Bursch, Advocates for Faith & Freedom, and Jay Sekulow’s ALCJ, to file a lawsuit in California regarding the unconstitutionality of banning singing in churches. You can watch the CNN interview here.

I’m grateful for Pastor Scott’s boldness and courage. It has been awesome to watch Church United pastors across the state address the media with the heart of Christ and boldness regarding government overreach and violations of the State of California and United States Constitutions. If you’d like to read more of the details of the lawsuit, see below.

Also, Church United Bishop Art Hodges, South Bay Pentecostal, Chula Vista, California, the Senior Pastor and Superintendent of over 100 churches in California, was also on Fox News discussing his lawsuit about the governor’s new order to close indoor church services. You can watch his national Fox News interview by clicking here.

Bishop Art Hodges interviewed on Tucker Carlson Show. July 16, 2020

I’m proud of you and the many other pastors who are making their voices heard!

In His grace and truth,

Pastor Jim Domen

P.S. Pastor, if you have a media story or event we missed, please share it with me so other California Church United, Declaration of Essentiality signers and Advocates for Faith & Freedom pastors can benefit and be encouraged! I’m so grateful for you!!