Church United’s Affect Transcends California

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A month after the stunning withdrawal of Assembly Bill 2943— which would have prohibited Christian universities, churches and ministries from selling products or charging admission for programs promoting sexual orientation change—ripples are being felt around the globe.

In November, Church United’s influence will expand overseas as Church United travels to Taiwan with Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub survivor Luis Ruiz at the request of Kingdom for Jesus, a Taiwanese/Chinese ministry based in the City of Industry, California.

As you recall, Pulse was the gay nightclub where a mass shooter killed 49 in June 2016. Luis, a Former homosexual, was at the bar and was trampled after tearing down a door to help people escape. While recovering, Luis came back to Christ, left homosexuality and has been working to support sexual orientation change. This summer, Luis was part of 40-person team of Former gays who joined up with Church United as we lobbied on the steps of the Sacramento capitol as part of our attempts to speak truth about AB 2943.

While in Taiwan, Church United work with the Taiwanese leaders to stop homosexual marriage, which is on their ballot in November. The marriage proposal is part of a multi-faceted attempt by activists to rapidly expand the LGBT agenda, including another ballot measure to also add LGBT sex education in Taiwan schools. American LGBT activists, emboldened by Taiwan’s liberal progressive government, are trying to seize an opportunity to establish a foothold into the entire Asian continent. The author of AB 2943, California Assemblyman Evan Low (D- Cupertino), has already met with Taiwan’s president and other elected officials to plot their approach.

150,000 Taiwanese marched to support homosexual marriage and LGBT sex education in public schools on Saturday, October 27, 2018. Before the march, Kingdom for Jesus sponsored a poll and found that 61% of Taiwanese people fear their children or grandchildren will become LGBT.

It’s clear how God is using the withdrawal of AB 2943 in California and its rippling international effect and spiritual consequences—good and bad. Our hope is to help the Taiwanese people stop these two ballot initiatives in their 2018 November elections.

In addition to our work overseas, Church United’s influence is also expanding in the Spanish-speaking community as more and more pastors take up the mantle for a biblical worldview. In San Diego, Church United is seeing fruit from our recent Awakening Tour, which has birthed a monthly meeting of Hispanic pastors and their staff, all coming together in an unprecedented, unified front. The development is significant as Spanish speakers are now California’s largest demographic and many of our Hispanic brothers and sisters embrace a deeply held biblical worldview.

Church United believes God is going to use the Spanish-speaking church to help transform California for Christ. Already, the Spanish-speaking church is sensing an incredible revival and awakening in California. In fact, 26 Spanish-speaking pastors at a recent CU Regional Briefing in the High Desert, told me the revival is already starting in their community! Praise God! We are seeing and experiencing continual evidence that what is happening is greater than Church United. It’s a Spirit of God moving in California and beyond.

Spanish speaking pastors in the High Desert believe God will begin the awakening in California in the High Desert! These 24 pastors and their spouses were honored and recognized by Assemblyman Jay Obernolte. September 26, 2018.

There is no question that revival is desperately needed, as we saw in late September when one of California’s premier Christian campuses, Azusa Pacific University, stunned the evangelical community by changing several items in its sexuality policy. Among the changes was the deletion of a previous policy that banned students from participating in “romanticized” same-sex relationships.

But just days later, the university’s board released a strongly worded statement reversing the changes, saying the policy amendments were not authorized. The board further reaffirmed its commitment to biblical standards for human sexuality.

Church United was grieved at APU’s heretical actions, which in essence declared homosexual behavior as normative, and we laud the board of trustees for its strong clarifying response. We also take exception to a statement made last year by the Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University, which formally dismisses sexual orientation change efforts* as “harmful” and “damaging.”

*NOTE: The term “sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE)” has both positive and negative connotations. SOCE that involves electroshock, marbles in the mouth, or forced heterosexual activity is abusive. But SOCE based on truth spoken in love within the context of redemptive relationships is spiritually legitimate and healing.

It is particularly troublesome that such thinking is infiltrating the church community because it indicates an absolute denial of the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives with the assistance of biblically based psychological counsel. Such treatment has successfully pointed people, including me, to the transformational truth found only through Jesus. It is heretical that California’s Christian schools and universities have given in to the academic acrobatics that deny the power and blood of Jesus Christ and the psychological counsel that has benefited those with same sex attraction.

The good news is that APU’s swift action, and Assemblyman Low’s decision to table AB 2943, signal that those with a biblical worldview still have an influential voice. When God’s church comes together to unite as one, we can stop evil, we can stand up against injustice and we can do good.

Church United seeks to affirm what is right, what is good, what is godly and what is righteous, despite what academia, culture or media dictate. All it really takes is for believers to be true to our Lord.

Thank you! Church United is grateful for you!

Here to serve you!

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