Mega Church Hosted Trump Roundtable

Click to watch President Trump’s Rountable at Gateway Church, Dallas, Texas.
June 11, 2020
Gateway’s Founding Lead Senior Pastor Robert Morris and Bishop Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church, Maryland, opened President Trump’s roundtable in prayer.

“We need the fear of God! Mr. President, you’re the only Republican I’ve ever voted for. I’m saying that because you stood up for the Word of God!” – Jack Brewer, Evangelist and Former NFL Football Player

The roundtable was about culture changing police reform and a voice for those whose underserved communities result in inequality of opportunity. Key topics were asking Congress to pass School Choice as a civil right, and other Senior Administration officials including Attorney General William Barr, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Housing & Urban Development Ben Carson, White House Director of Opportunity and Revitalization Eric Scott, commenting on: Minneapolis, economy, economic opportunity, education, empowering parental choice, moral discipline through religion, and communities of color who are adversely affected in health, child birth, and other medical issues, investment in “forgotten communities,” work force development, Pell Grants to previously incarcerated individuals, generational impact, freedom and justice for all and healing our nation.

Click to watch the entire roundtable and hear Senior Administration Officials remarks. Fox News did not continue to air the roundtable after Trump’s remarks; CNN and MSNBC did not even cover the event. It’s worth taking the time to hear what the administration is attempting to do for our nation and the hearts of black leaders who spoke.

Church United will continue to listen to the voices of our brothers and sisters. Look for additional Church United videos from black pastors and upcoming in-person pastor meetings with pastors of all colors!

Praying for our state and country.